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Proxy Autentication via Konsole/Terminal

Sometimes We need to Connect our Linux Konsole/Terminal to the Internet to get some Linux Packages, for example if we can’t get them from Local Repository. If we use a package Manager like ‘apt’ and there is a proxy server that only allowing certain user, then we need to send a few command in our konsole/terminal in onder to get proxy autentication. Here Some Example, First Open your Konsole/Terminal, then write command :

$ export http_proxy = http://user:password@proxy:port

user : username to login to proxy server (ex : sammuel)
password : our password to Login to proxy server (ex: mypassword)
proxy : Address of our proxy server (ex :
port : Port that Proxy server listen to http (ex : 8080)

if There is no user or password that have to be Entered then we can ommit some part of that command into

$ export http_proxy = http://proxy:port

Those command work in current session. for example if we have 2 Konsole/Shell that we want to connect them to the Internet then whe have to enter that command to each Konsole/Shell. But if we want only Konsole number 1 to connect, then we just enter that command into Konsole number 1.

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