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Pusing Nyeting NS REcord nya DNS

NS Records

NS records define authoritative name servers for a zone. The right side must include a name to which an IP address is assigned by an A record. The right side must not include a synonym, i.e., an NS record must not point to a CNAME record.
There are always identical NS records in two databases:
1. In the database of a superordinate zone. These NS records delegate authority to a
subordinate name server.
2. In the database of subordinate zone. Database on subordinate zone contains
authoritative data for zone only.

If the domain name of the subordinate name server is in a subordinate domain, a glue A record with the IP address of the name server must follow this NS record. This is necessary because the superordinate name server has to know a link to the IP address of the subordinate name server. This link is included as additional information in its DNS response. The same NS records are in the database in an authoritative name server for the zone, i.e., according to the terminology of the previous paragraph in the lower-level name server.

Example 5:
An authoritative name server of a higher-level zone, company.com, delegates authority for the domain, branch.company.com, to the ns.branch.company.com server. As the subordinate name server is a part of the subordinate domain, it is necessary to add a glue A record (nonauthoritative) in the superordinate zone for the ns.branch.company.com computer:

company.com   IN   SOA     …
IN   NS        ns.provider.net.
IN   NS        ns.company.com.

ns                       IN   A
branch               IN  NS         ns.company.com.
IN  NS         ns.branch.company.com.
ns.branch          IN A  

The name server of the branch.company.com domain, i.e., the authoritative name server of a ower-level domain has the following database available:

branch.company.com   IN   SOA   …
IN   NS      ns.company.com.
IN   NS      ns.branch.company.com.

ns                                    IN   A

Again, it is necessary to point out that it is a good idea to type the full domain address with a dot at the end on the right side of NS records.

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