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Setting Environment JME2 in Netbeans 6.7.1

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

This tutorial will try to guide in setting Netbeans Project to develop Java game using JMonkey Engine.  Follow the step bellow :

  1. Create Netbeans Project
  2. Add JME library with Library Manager
    1. From menu Tools, select Libraries
    2. Click “New Library” button
    3. Click “Add JAR/Folder” button and select folder where you put your JME2 libraries
  3. Add Library to Project
    1. From the project tree, Right click¬† on the folder “Libraries”.
    2. Select “Property”
    3. Click “Add Library” button
    4. Select JME Library
  4. Setting VM
    1. Right Click on Project name, then select Properties.
    2. Select Run Categories.
    3. In VM Options insert path of lwjgl folder.
      For example -Djava.library.path=”../JME_201/lib/lib/lwjgl/native/win-linux/”
  5. After that you can begin in writing code.
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