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Level: Intermediate (中級)


*Means “After a whole string of events, in the end an undesirable situation, unfortunate result or negative choice was arrived at”
*Often implies the fact that a final finishing or deciding factor came into play after a spiritually or mentally difficult situation carried on for some time.
*Often used together with 「いろいろ、さんざん」

Nandomo syujutsu shita ageku, naoranai to iwareta.
I have surgery many times, but in the end I was told I couldn’t be cured.



*Refer to a situation where the speaker has tried various things, finally deciding on ~. This expression also implies that there were various difficulties and a process of trial and error that preceded the result
*Reflects the emotional state and impression that the speaker has of the situation, an so is often used with the adverb 「結局・ついに・やっと」 in the second clause.

Nayanda sue, shingaku dewa naku syuusyoku suru koto ni shita.
After really thinking it over about it, he decided to get a job instead of continuing his study.



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