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  1. LYTO
    • URL:http://www.lyto.net/about/
    • ゲーム:Soul of Heroes, Ragnarok Online, RF Online, Luna Online, Rohan Online, Cross Fire etc.
  2. Megaxus
    • URL:http://int.megaxus.com/
    • ゲーム:Audition AyoDance, Lineage II, War Rock, Grand Chase, Counter-Strike Online, etc.
  3. IAHgames Indonesia
    • URL:http://www.iahgames.com/#onlinegame
    • ゲーム:EA Sport FIFA Online 2, Dragonica, Granado Espada, Emil Chronicle Online, etc.
  4. Wavegame (PT. Wave Wahana Wisesa)
    • URL:http://www.wavegame.net/
    • ゲーム:Angle Love Online, 3 Kingdoms, Heroes Kingdoms online, Gods War Online, Red Cliff Online, etc.
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