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Stack and Heap

When we define some class like :

class Vector3 {
 float x,y,z;
 Vector3(){ x=0.0f ; y=0.0f; z=0.0f};

and then create some code to use it :

1. use stack allocation

Vector3 myVect;
myVect.x = 1.0f;
myVect.y = 2.0f;
myVect.z = 3.0f;


2. use heap allocation

Vector3 *myVect = new  Vector3;
myVect->x = 1.0f;
myVect->y = 2.0f;
myVect->z = 3.0f;

which one is better ?

we have to consider several things anyway.

  1. Using stack is faster but very very finite size
  2. Heap is slower because needed to search for available free memory
  3. If using heap,  then have to do clean up manually ( which lead to memory leak problem)
  4. Consider about variable life time
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