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Game elements

October 16, 2012 2 comments

According to “The Art of Game Design” there are 4 basic elements of game, which are :

  1. Mechanics : these are the procedures and rules of your game. Which consists of : space, objects, actions, rules, skill, chance
  2. Story : this is sequence of events that unfolds in your game
  3. Aesthetic : This is how your game looks, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels
  4. Technology : it’s not exclusively referring to “high technology”, instead any materials and interactions that makes your game possible, such as: paper and pencils, plastics chits, or high-powered lasers
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Bikin Sambal Trasi

October 14, 2012 2 comments

Barusan bikin sambal trasi nih, biar ndak lupa aku tulis bahan-bahannya :

  • cabe merah
  • brambang

Bahan tersebut di goreng trus diuleg yah.

Ditambahin bahan-bahan berikut, trus diuleg lagi.

  • garam
  • gula merah
  • gula putih

Bahan berikut ini di goreng abis itu ditambahin ke bahan sebelumnya trus diuleg lagi.

  • trasi
  • tomat

Diuleg-uleg sampe lembut, trus bisa dicicipin, kalo Ada bahan yg kurang bisa ditambahin.

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Battery of Life

October 13, 2012 Leave a comment

This is maybe the last story that I will write.
It was august 31st, 2012. It supposed to be happy day, and night with full moon. But it turned to be a nightmare that I couldn’t forget. Someone that I respect the most, becomes someone that I hate the most after conversation.
After that day, it’s really hard to face anyone. I felt I have lost in every vital sectors of my life. I even think that I’m really like damn sh*t.
Like machine, human also have source of energy. I called it “battery of life”. At that time, maybe my battery remained only 1%. Time to return to home and rest for while before back to battlefield again.
Luckily, I found a charger to fill my battery. I found it inside a black car :). Although I could only use it for 1 minute, I feel the energy it gave to me is more than enough to live for 100 years :’) .
Well, It’s time to create big plan for new battlefield. Learn from the past, change today, and achieve future goals.

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Strawberry on the shortcake

October 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Q : If there is some one wants your cake, can you give it to that person ?
A : I can give it most of part of the cake, but for the strawberry part, maybe I can’t give it.

Q : Di you ever see cake that looks very delicious?
A : Yes
Q : Did you eat it?
A : No
Q : Why?
A : Because it’s too expensive. It’s just not suit for me ^^. Only certain person deserve to eat it.
Q : So?
A : I just tried to take care of it, make sure that it won’t get melted, until that certain person come.

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