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Nintendo 3DS Region Unlock

November 29, 2015 Leave a comment

I have bought old Nintendo 3DS from Japan, but sadly there’s a region lock that not permit us to play 3ds games that have different region with the console it self.

3DS games Sellers in my country rarely sell japanese regional games. To buy game, i had my friend in japan to buy the game for me. that’s suck. I did once anyway.

So, I google how to ‘jailbreak’ it, and found out that we can use Gateway 3DS to do that.


  1. Gateway 3ds Catridges:
    • Blue Catridge
    • Red Catridge
  2. Micro SD cards:
    • 2 GB or less for Gateway3ds Firmware
    • 8 GB or more to store your 3DS games
  3. SD Card to store saved game data
  4. Latest Gateway 3DS firmware
  5. Nintendo 3DS (firmware up to version 9)
  6. Original Game catridge (optional)

Steps needed:

  1. Format 2 GB micro SD card with Fat partition
  2. Copy all Files inside “Blue Card (R4i)” folder (from downloaded gateway 3ds firmware)  to root directory of 2 GB micro SD card
  3. Copy Launcher.dat to SD card
  4. Insert 2 GB micro SD card to Gateway 3DS Blue catridge.
  5. Insert Blue catridge to Nintendo 3DS catridge slot
  6. Boot into Gateway Menu. If it not working, then try to open nintendo 3ds browser, go to – when the bottom screen changes to white, Press and hold the Left Shoulder button and your 3DS/2DS will boot to the Gateway Menu.

  7. Backup current 3ds firmware to SD card by selecting “Backup System Nand” menu. cut and paste backup file to a folder in your computer
  8. Downgrade 3ds firmware to version 4.4-4.5
  9. Reboot 3DS, check current 3ds firmware version
  10. Boot into Gateway Menu again
  11. Create EmuNand
  12. Insert original game catridge and save the game file into sd card. cut and paste the file (with extension .3DS) to 8GB micro SD card (exFat formatted). Insert it into Gateway Red catridge
  13. Boot into Emunand from Gateway Menu and update to the latest 3ds firmware.
  14. Insert Gateway Red catridge into 3ds catridge slot
  15. Press “select” button and select available game, your saved game in step 12 should appear
  16. Play the game!!


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